Rubias Gratis

Condo xdating

Jul 24

xdating at the condo

I was in the condo swiming pool with my colleagues at night, and this girl asked us fire for her cigarette. She was incredibly pretty with an amazing body. Of course, she was one of the surf championship girls. One of the guys helped her, and then she left and start talking by phone in a chair near the swimming pool. When everybody left the pool to sleep, he asked her if she wanted something to drink, a coffee, or whisky, or vodka. She agreed with the coffee, and they started to chat. Next day was the surf finals and the last day for both in the city. That was the last chance for both to know a little more about each other, so he surprised her with a kiss. Oh, no, no, I have a boyfriend, this is not a good idea, she said, and he kissed her again. She was alone, so they have all the place for themselves. It was a very interesting xdating. They made sex in the kitchen, in the bedroom, in the living room, and the balcony!
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